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HP Superior Charger

HP Smart AC Adapter, 19V 4.74A. It is a superior charger, it could be compatible with so many models.

Compatible with HP Laptop PCs

HP OmniBook 2000 Series:
2000, 2510p, 2000CS, 2710p, 2000CT, 2210b

HP Compaq NX Series: 
nx6310, nx6315, nx6320, nx6325, nx7300, nx7400

HP OmniBook 800 Series:
800CT, 800, 800CS, 800CS/CT

HP Mini 5100 Series:

HP OmniBook 400 Series:
425, 430, 400

HP Compaq NW Series: 

HP Compaq 6000 Series:
6830s, 6720t, 6730s

HP OmniBook 5000 series:
5700CT, 5400, 5500, 5000, 5500CD, 5000C, 5500CS, 5000CT, 5500CT, 5000CTS, 5700, 5000VL

HP OmniBook 300 Series:

HP Compaq Tablet PC: 

HP Compaq NC Series:
NC2400, NC4400, NC6320, NC6400, NC8430

HP OmniBook 600 Series:
600, 600C, 600CT

HP ProBook 4000 series: 

Compaq Mini 311c Series: 
311c, 311c-1010SA, 311c-1070SF

All HP EliteBook Series: 
2730p, 2230s, 2530p, 8470p C4p35up C5l39us C6z90ua C7c18uc C7m31up C8w36us C9l00uc D0v00us D2v07us
8470w, C7k25us, D3j98ut ; 8560p, Sp459uc; 8560w, Sp407uc ;8570p, C9p42us D0v01us D3q28us,8760w H3f93us Sq575up;

HP ProBook 4000 series: 
4410s, 4411s, 4415s, 4416s, 4515s, 4311s, 4710s, 4310s

HP ProBook 5000 Series: 

HP Compaq 6000 Series:
6735b, 6530b, 6910p, 6735s, 6530s, 6930p, 6715s, 6531s, 6715b, 6535b, 6515b, 6710b, 6535s, 6500, 6710s, 6730b, 6700, 6520s, 6510b

HP Compaq 8000 Series: 
8510p, 8510w, 8710p, 8530p, 8710w, 8530w, 8730w

All Compaq Presario CQ35 Series
CQ35-111TU, CQ35-233TX, CQ35-101TX, CQ35-117TX, CQ35-206TU, CQ35-108TU, CQ35-202TX, CQ35-225TX, CQ35-114TX, CQ35-243TX, CQ35-105TU, CQ35-125TX, CQ35-217TU, CQ35-111TX, CQ35-235TX, CQ35-102TU, CQ35-118TX, CQ35-207TU, CQ35-108TX, CQ35-226TX, CQ35-115TU, CQ35-244TX, CQ35-105TX, CQ35-126TX, CQ35-217TX, CQ35-112TU, CQ35-236TX, CQ35-102TX,

All Compaq Presario CQ40 Series:
CQ40-503TX, CQ40-311AX, CQ40-412TU, CQ40-527TX, CQ40-118AU, CQ40-610TX, CQ40-129AX, CQ40-320TU, CQ40-420AX, CQ40-158TU, CQ40-345TU, CQ40-107AX, CQ40-111TU, CQ40-510TU, CQ40-318TU, CQ40-536TX, CQ40-122AX, CQ40-136TU, CQ40-326TU, CQ40-101AU, CQ40-424TX, CQ40-304AX, CQ40-404TU, CQ40-518TU, CQ40-409TU, CQ40-524AX, CQ40-116AU, CQ40-555TU,

All Compaq Presario CQ45 Series:
CQ45-103AU, CQ45-204TX, CQ45-404TU, CQ45-128TX, CQ45-220TX, CQ45-321TX, CQ45-109TX, CQ45-211TU, CQ45-414TX, CQ45-141TX, CQ45-304TX, CQ45, CQ45-202TX, CQ45-401TU, CQ45-122TX, CQ45-217TX, CQ45-311TX, CQ45-105TX, CQ45-208TU, CQ45-408TX, CQ45-135TX, CQ45-301TX, CQ45-417TX, CQ45-148TX, CQ45-328TX, CQ45-116TX, CQ45-214TX, CQ45-308TU, CQ45-103TU,

All Compaq Presario CQ50 Series:
CQ50-104NR, CQ50-116AU, CQ50-110EM, CQ50-115AU, CQ50-106EF, CQ50-139NR, CQ50-103ER, CQ50-109AU, CQ50-105EW, CQ50-128NR, CQ50-112AU, CQ50-215NR, CQ50-101LA, CQ50-107NR, CQ50-105AU, CQ50-116EE, CQ50-110EO, CQ50-115NR, CQ50-100CA, CQ50-107AU, CQ50-139WM, CQ50-103EZ, CQ50-109CA, CQ50-105EZ, CQ50-130EC, CQ50-112EO, CQ50-217CL, CQ50-101XX,

All Compaq Presario CQ60 Series:
CQ60-100ER, CQ60-218EA, CQ60-122EL, CQ60-106AU, CQ60-228EL, CQ60-137EL, CQ60-210AU, CQ60-110EM, CQ60-415EN, CQ60-309AU, CQ60-204TU, CQ60-213EM, CQ60-116EM, CQ60-119TU, CQ60-103EL, CQ60-220EO, CQ60-130EB, CQ60-107TU, CQ60-407AU, CQ60-250EG, CQ60-151EM, CQ60-210ET, CQ60-112TX, CQ60-420ER, CQ60-215EM, CQ60-100EA, CQ60-217EF, CQ60-120EV,

All Compaq Presario CQ61 Series:
CQ61-280EJ, CQ61-122EL, CQ61-210SH, CQ61-100SO, CQ61-220EJ, CQ61-109TU, CQ61-225TU, CQ61-115EI, CQ61-203TX, CQ61-206TX, CQ61-127TU, CQ61-211TU, CQ61-104SL, CQ61-221TX, CQ61-110ES, CQ61-230SS, CQ61-118TU, CQ61-120ET, CQ61-210ER, CQ61-100EO, CQ61-140EJ, CQ61-218TU, CQ61-106TU, CQ61-225EE, CQ61-113TU, CQ61-241EZ, CQ61-205ER, CQ61-125EL,

All Compaq Presario CQ70 Series:
CQ70-230EL, CQ70-115ES, CQ70-265EG, CQ70-123EO, CQ70-205EF, CQ70-102XX, CQ70-158EZ, CQ70-215EM, CQ70-110EO, CQ70-246EZ, CQ70-118NR, CQ70-100ER, CQ70-130EO, CQ70-210ED, CQ70-105EB, CQ70-116EA, CQ70-230EO, CQ70-124CA, CQ70-205EM, CQ70-103EB, CQ70-201TU, CQ70-215EO, CQ70-110ER, CQ70-250EG, CQ70-120EF, CQ70-201TX, CQ70-101TU, CQ70-134CA,

All Compaq Presario CQ71 Series:
CQ71-230ED, CQ71-103EF, CQ71-210ER, CQ71-250EP, CQ71-115SF, CQ71-220SO, CQ71-140SA, CQ71-205EO, CQ71-235SO, CQ71-110EG, CQ71-215ER, CQ71-130EB, CQ71-230EG, CQ71-103SF, CQ71-210SA, CQ71-250SB, CQ71-120ED, CQ71-220SS, CQ71-145EZ, CQ71-205SG, CQ71-240EB, CQ71-110EL, CQ71-215SF, CQ71-130ES, CQ71-200SB, CQ71-230EW, CQ71-105EE, CQ71-210SF,

All HP G50 Series:
G50-112NR, G50-104NR, G50-219CA, G50-126NR, G50-113CA, G50-106NR, G50-201CA, G50-116CA, G50-108NR, G50-100, G50-209CA, G50-118NR, G50-109NR, G50-100EA, G50-211CA, G50-123NR, G50-110EA, G50, G50-102NR, G50-213CA, G50-124NR, G50-111NR, G50-103NR, G50-215CA

All HP G60 Series:
G60-100EM, G60-225CA, G61, G60-458DX, G60-117EM, G60-238CA, G60-214EM, G60-125NR, G60-442OM, G60-108CA, G60-235CA, G60-120CA, G60T-200, G60-433CA, G60-101CA, G60-228CA, G61-101TU, G60-468CA, G60-117US, G60-243CL, G60-215EM, G60-126CA, G60-443CL, G60-114EA, G60-235DX, G60-201TU, G60-120EM, G60-437CA, G60-101TU, G60-230CA, G61-102TU,

All HP G70 Series:
G70-100 CTO, G70-257CL, G70-120EM, G70-463CL, G70, G70-105EA, G70T-100, G70-467CL, G70-212EM, G70-110EA, G70T-200, G70-468NR, G70-213EM, G70-110EM, G70-246US, G70-111EA, G70-450CA, G70-250CA, G70-111EM, G70-258US, G70-457CA, G70-250US, G70-120EA, G70-460US

All HP Pavilion DV3 Series:
dv3-2027ee, dv3-2121tx, dv3-2150ev, dv3-2006tx, dv3-2014tx, dv3-2105ee, dv3-2035tx, dv3-2130ez, dv3-2022tx, dv3-2115ee, dv3-2090en, dv3-2147tx, dv3-1077ca, dv3-2004tu, dv3-2030eo, dv3-2129tx, dv3-2165ee, dv3-2010el, dv3-2019tx, dv3-2110tx, dv3-2051ea, dv3-2139tx, dv3, dv3-2001tu, dv3-2027tx, dv3-2122tx, dv3-2150us, dv3-2007ee, dv3-2015ee,

All HP Pavilion DV4 Series:
dv4-1117tx, dv4-1433cl, dv4-1210tu, dv4-1007tx, dv4z-1000, dv4-1132tx, dv4-1225dx, dv4-1402tu, dv4-1035tx, dv4-1150es, dv4-1248tx, dv4-1100ea, dv4-1199eo, dv4-1304tx, dv4-1317tx, dv4-1123tx, dv4-1214tx, dv4-1019tx, dv4-1140tx, dv4-1231tx, dv4-1413tx, dv4-1052xx, dv4-1160tx, dv4-1262cm, dv4-1105tx, dv4-1416la, dv4-1203tu, dv4-1428dx, dv4-12

All HP Pavilion DV5 Series:
dv5-1114es, dv5-1299ee, dv5-1137tx, dv5-1198eg, dv5-1220ed, dv5-1025eg, dv5-1120ec, dv5-1145ee, dv5-1203eg, dv5-1104em, dv5-1230et, dv5-1040eh, dv5-1124tx, dv5-1158ep, dv5-1208au, dv5-1003cl, dv5-1110eg, dv5-1250er, dv5-1065ec, dv5-1130ej, dv5-1170es, dv5-1212eo, dv5-1010ea, dv5-1215ee, dv5-1015eg, dv5-1116ee, dv5-1140en, dv5-1199es,

All HP Pavilion DV6 Series:
DV6-1000, DV6-2000,DV6-3000, DV6-3243cl, DV6-6135dx,DV6-1027NR,DV6-1030US, DV6-1030CA, DV6-1036US, DV6-1038CA,DV6-1053CL,DV6-1108CA,DV6-1122US, DV6-1124US, DV6-1124CA, DV6-1127CL,DV6-1134CA, DV6-1138CA,DV6-1148CA, DV6-1149WM, DV6-1208CA,DV6-1230US, DV6-1230CA, DV6-1234NR, DV6-1237CA, DV6-1238NR,DV6-1240US, DV6-1243CL, DV6-1243NR, DV6-1244SB DV6-1245DX, DV6-1247CL, DV6-1248CA,DV6-1259DX,DV6-1263CL,DV6-1330CA, DV6-1334CA, DV6-1338CA,DV6-1350US, DV6-1351NR, DV6-1352DX, DV6-1353CL, DV6-1354US, DV6-1355DX, DV6-1359WM,DV6-1364US,DV6-1375DX, DV6-1378NR,DV6-2020CA, DV6-2028CA,DV6-2043US, DV6-2044CA, DV6-2044DX,DV6-2057CL,DV6-2066DX,DV6-2088DX.DV6-2120CA, DV6-2128CA,DV6-2138CA,DV6-2150US, DV6-2151CL, DV6-2152NR, DV6-2155DX, DV6-2157US, DV6-2157SB,DV6-2162NR,DV6-2170US, DV6-2171NR,DV6-2181NR.DV6-2192NR,DV6-3008CA,DV6-3010US, DV6-3012HE, DV6-3013CL, DV6-3013NR, DV6-3019WM,DV6-3020US, DV6-3022NR, DV6-3022US, DV6-3025DX,DV6-3030US, DV6-3031NR, DV6-3032NR, DV6-3033CL, DV6-3033HE, DV6-3034CA, DV6-3034NR, DV6-3037NR, DV6-3037SB, DV6-3038CA,DV6-3040US, DV6-3040CA, DV6-3043CA,DV6-3050CA, DV6-3055DX, DV6-3058CA,DV6t-3100, DV6z-3100, DV6-3108CA, DV6-3109CA,DV6-3114CA, DV6-3118CA,DV6-3120US, DV6-3121NR, DV6-3122US, DV6-3123CL, DV6-3124NR, DV6-3125DX, DV6-3127DX, DV6-3129NR,DV6-3130US, DV6-3131NR, DV6-3132NR, DV6-3133NR, DV6-3138CA,DV6-3140US, DV6-3142NR, DV6-3143CL, DV6-3144CA, DV6-3145DX, DV6-3147SB,DV6-3150US, DV6-3151CA, DV6-3153NR, DV6-3155DX, DV6-3159WM,DV6-3163CL, DV6-3163NR,DV6-3170CA,DV6-3210US, DV6-3212NR, DV6-3214NR, DV6-3216US, DV6-3217CL,DV6-3223CL, DV6-3225DX, DV6-3227CL,DV6-3230US, DV6-3231NR, DV6-3232NR, DV6-3234NR, DV6-3236NR, DV6-3237NR, DV6-3238NR, DV6-3239NR,DV6-3240CA, DV6-3240US, DV6-3243CL,DV6-3250US, DV6-3257CL, DV6-3257SB, DV6-3259WM,DV6-3263CL, DV6-3264CA, DV6-3267CL,DV6-3270CA, DV6-3275CA, DV6-3278CA,DV6-6013CL,DV6-6033CL,DV6-6104NR, DV6-6106NR, DV6-6108US,DV6-6110US, DV6-6111NR, DV6-6112NR, DV6-6113CL, DV6-6114US, DV6-6115NR, DV6-6116NR, DV6-6117DX, DV6-6118NR, DV6-6119WM,DV6-6120US, DV6-6121HE, DV6-6123CL, DV6-6123NR, DV6-6126NR, DV6-6127CL, DV6-6128NR,DV6-6130CA, DV6-6131US, DV6-6133CL, DV6-6135CA, DV6-6136NR, DV6-6137NR, DV6-6138NR,DV6-6140US, DV6-6144NR, DV6-6145DX, DV6-6145NR, DV6-6148NR, DV6-6149NR,DV6-6150US, DV6-6152NR, DV6-6158NR,DV6-6163CL, DV6-6167CL, DV6-6169US,DV6-6183NR, DV6-6185NR,DV6-6B19WM,DV6-6B21HE, DV6-6B26US, DV6-6B29WM,DV6-6B45NR, DV6-6B47DX,DV6-6B51NR,DV6-6C10US, DV6-6C11NR, DV6-6C12NR, DV6-6C13CL, DV6-6C13NR, DV6-6C14NR, DV6-6C15NR, DV6-6C18NR,DV6-6C23NR, DV6-6C29WM,DV6-6C35DX

All HP Pavilion DV7 Series:
dv7-1205eg, dv7-2040eo, dv7-1004tx, dv7-2110sf, dv7z-1100, dv7-2190eq, dv7-1137us, dv7-1215eg, dv7-2070ea, dv7-1023tx, dv7-2120sf, dv7-1100ef, dv7-1160eg, dv7-2005eg, dv7-1235eo, dv7-2103tx, dv7-1060ep, dv7-2133eg, dv7-1110en, dv7-1190es, dv7-2020tx, dv7-1264nr, dv7-2160eg, dv7-1125eb, dv7-1130ed, dv7-1209em, dv7-2050ei, dv7-1014tx,

HP Pavilion DV3000 series:
dv3004tx, dv3017tx, dv3030tx, dv3011tx, dv3024tx, dv3005tx, dv3018tx, dv3012tx, dv3025tx, dv3006tx, dv3019tx, dv3000, dv3013tx, dv3026tx, dv3007tx, dv3020tx, dv3001tx, dv3014tx, dv3027tx, dv3008tx, dv3021tx, dv3002tx, dv3015tx, dv3028tx, dv3009tx, dv3022tx, dv3003tx, dv3016tx, dv3029tx, dv3010tx, dv3023tx

HP Pavilion DV3100 series:
dv3112tx, dv3106tx, dv3119tx, dv3100, dv3113tx, dv3107tx, dv3120tx, dv3101tx, dv3114tx, dv3108tx, dv3102tx, dv3115tx, dv3109tx, dv3103tx, dv3116tx, dv3110tx, dv3104tx, dv3117tx, dv3111tx, dv3105tx, dv3118tx

HP Pavilion DV3500 series:
dv3505tx, dv3525tx, dv3560ep, dv3512tx, dv3536tx, dv3500t, dv3520tx, dv3550eg, dv3508tx, dv3530tx, dv3516tx, dv3542tx, dv3505xx, dv3526tx, dv3560ev, dv3513tx, dv3537tx, dv3501tx, dv3521tx, dv3550el, dv3509tx, dv3531tx, dv3517tx, dv3543tx, dv3506la, dv3527tx, dv3570ei, dv3514tx, dv3538tx, dv3502tx, dv3522tx, dv3550eo, dv3510er, dv3532tx,

HP Pavilion DV3600 series:
dv3620tx, dv3660ew, dv3606tx, dv3630tx, dv3615tx, dv3650el, dv3625tx, dv3601tx, dv3610tx, dv3640ew, dv3621tx, dv3680es, dv3607tx, dv3631tx, dv3616tx, dv3650ep, dv3626tx, dv3602tx, dv3611er, dv3650ef, dv3622tx, dv3699ef, dv3608tx, dv3632tx, dv3617tx, dv3650ez, dv3627tx, dv3603tx, dv3611tx, dv3650eg, dv3623tx, dv3600ec, dv3609tx, dv3633tx,

HP Pavilion DV3700 series:
dv3704tx, dv3705tx, dv3706tx, dv3707tx, dv3700, dv3701tx, dv3702tx, dv3703tx

HP Pavilion DV3800 series:

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