Monday, September 16, 2013

HP Pavilion DV4 Laptop Charger

<p>HP Pavilion DV4 Notebook, which delivers power and good times on the go. You could enjoy your favorite music with Beats Audio and chat face to face with a webcam that makes sure you look your best, even in low light. With the exclusive HP innovations, you will get automatic air conditioning for your laptop and help keep your data safe. Usually, handsome laptop needs handsome laptop charger,
laptop need power whenever and wherever it is being used, we need to keep it powerful.</p>

<p>18.5V 3.5A HP Pavilion DV4 charger has many kinds version in the mark, the original one made by HP Manufacturer; and the replacement one, it usually cheaper than the original one, but it could attract many attention. The replacement adapter usually works well as the original one. You just need to confirm three factors when you purchase an ac adapter for your laptop HP Pavilion DV4.</p>
<p><strong>The power</p></strong>
<p>Please keep in mind, HP Pavilion DV4 laptop could be use at power condition 65Watt or less, more than it will disable your laptop, it is quite important.</p>
<p><strong>The current or the voltage</p></strong>
<p>Since the power of the laptop equals the current mutiply by the voltage, if you could know the current/voltage, you will also get the voltage/current.
 So you just need to confirm one of the two factors. For HP Envy DV4 laptop charger,it need output DC 18.5V 3.5A,it cofirm to work with your laptop.</p>

<p><strong>The DC Connecter size</p></strong>

<p>That is also quite important, bigger or smaller of the conncter size will be not used for your laptop.</p> 

<p><strong>Tip for laptop charger</p></strong>

<p>To avoid overheating the AC adapter when powering the computer or charging the battery, use the AC adapter in a ventilated area, such as on a desktop or on the floor. Do not use the AC adapter in a poorly ventilated environment, such as inside a carrying case.</p>

<p><strong>Well Dispose the AC Adapter After You Use It</p></strong>

<p>Every electronical product has itself own lifespan, when the laptop charger can not work for you, please well dispose it and protect our environment. Since ac adapter will be water damage if it was thrown into the water and the end of the power supply lifespan, in order to protect our environment we need well dispose the power adapter after it used. At United Stated, many state has a law against the improper disposal of electronic equipment.</p>


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