Monday, May 6, 2013

Have AC Adapter Worked Properly

As other electronic devices, laptop AC adapter often goes strike often. Once you have done some research on the cause, they are within excessive bending, high temperature exposure and aging process. To tell the truth, no one can tell how long one adapter can last. It depends on different how often we use our adapters. The following is to share the information to check your adapter is working properly and some tips to maintain our ac adapters.

Don't roll the charger cable. It is a common practise for us to roll the power cords in a small pag for a long time.Usually, the bent cable is the vital for adapter. it's easy to have the inside cable broken without any notice. I still remember that my first hp spare 463958-001 AC Adapter. I put it in the narrow pack bag under the seat in a crowded bus for three days. At the end of the journey, I found my adapter couldn't power the computer any more. It was so frustrating for me to buy a new one.

Don't bend your laptop charger's cable. Continue this practice and you'd have snapped a thread or two in the power cables laid within the charger cable. This will again increase the chance of short circuit and also introduce abrupt power levels.My wife usually let the Toshiba PA3283U-5ACA power cable bent when connect it to the laptop.There two days I found the charger do not charger my laptop any more,I need to purchase a new one again.

And these two expereince really gave me an extra lesson about how to preserve my adapter. Now I am always putting my 70W Universal AC Adapter in a spacious place. And it's awesome. For this can be used in different laptops. and my wife sometimes use this adapter.

In fact, the replacement AC Adapter is not so expensive. You can buy a new one when your adapter is out of work because of improper usage. Recently, there are some universal adapters like this 70W Universal AC Adapter. It can be used in several different models. Then we won't worry about whether to repair it or have a new one. more over, we should keep our laptop ac adapter work roperly. This is a better solution.

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