Monday, May 6, 2013

How To Maintain Your Original HP Charger

If you consider that your hp laptop is precious, then your hp charger must be too, as it is the sole device that provides the necessary power to your hp laptop charger. Chargers are a crucial and sensitive device that comes along with the laptop. The charger given by the laptop manufacturing brand to you, are the genuine ones and you need to protect them with care.

Loosing or damaging the hp laptop charger might mean an expensive bill upon your pocket because these chargers come expensive from HP office home.

Tips for Maintenance

The most common thing that we all have adopted after the completion of laptop usage is; plugging the charger out of socket without actually switching off the switch. This not only raises the chances of a short circuit, but also damages the end pins inside the three pin holder of charger cable. When you continue doing the same, you eventually weaken the cables reducing its total life span. An internal cable breakage might result in an abrupt power supply which is very harmful to the batteries of the hp laptop.

Don't Bend It Like Beckham

Don't bend the cable of your hp laptop charger. Continue this practice and you'd have snapped a thread or two in the power cables laid within the charger cable. This will again increase the chance of short circuit and also introduce abrupt power levels.

Don't Roll the Charger Cable

Its a common practice to keep the laptop on table and throw the hp ac adapter behind the table and plug in only the end of the cable to the laptop. While doing this, we quite often keep things upon the cable near the edge of the table, which is normally sharp. When you either pull or push the cable over the edge of the table, you are actually damaging the rubber coating on the cable that carries power. This gradually exposes the internal wiring and will definitely prove dangerous both to you and the laptop.

Follow these steps and surely you'll give a longer health and shelf life to your hp laptop charger.

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