Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Story About Purchasing HP Smart Adapter

I like repairing stuff, all kinds. When I was a kid, I repaired radios and motors, my parents always encourage me doing so even if I dismantle a good appliance just for study.I run a electronics repair shop after college, by my own. Everybody says I'm finical but I cannot say it's bad, I cannot bear a slight glitch of electronics. My business is successful, more than I can say, is due to this annoying personality.
I have 62 employees, they're hard working people with a keen sense of quality control. I known that I'm not the vigorous lad anymore, so I hand over the parts purchase work to my best disciple, he's a good. One day he came into my office and handed me a project proposal,one clause is about to give every customer a charger for free when they retrieve their laptops.
Forgot to mention, the main activity of our business is repairing laptops, we repair about 170 units of laptops per day.
I think this is a good idea, so we run this project immediately. Then, the problem is where can we get quality power cords. He's good, he did not just buy 1000 adapters from one place, he purchased 19 units from 19 different sellers, then we did a lots of test with professional equipments. He wrote down every data and compare with them, unfortunately 7 out of the 19 cannot withstand the tests, they died. 2 adapters standed out after 3 days of testing, you cannot believe that they're not the most expensive one.
We contaced both sellers for mass purchase, one seller did not have sufficient products in stock, so we got our number one.
It's good to share wonderful stuff with others, I believe you can get a reliable power adapter you want from an online shop if you have yet to repair your laptop from us.
The most popular models are HP ed495aa and HP 609939-001, we have purchased 3000 HP parts from them without problem. Our customers love these parts. HP AC adapters are different, most of them are smart type,a smart AC Adapter is a power source compatible with hp smart adapter that uses the Smart-Pin technology. The adapter itself allows you to charge the laptop battery, while the Smart-Pin technology saves energy by cutting down on power consumption when too much power is unnecessarily used.
Hope my experiences can give you a way to find a reliable power cord for your laptop.

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