Thursday, July 11, 2013

Why Laptop HP Smart Adapter Still Can Not Work After Replacing Battery And Adapter?

Laptop ac adapter can not charge for your laptop to perform? Many friend around me encountered this problem. "I've replaced both battery and AC Adapter, but why it still could not charge?” Maybe you are one of those who are complaining.

Broken battery and AC adapter are the most common reason while there is another one that most people would neglect : Loose or Broken DC Power Jack.

Symptoms of a broken DC power jack:
  • The laptop only operates when you hold the DC power plug in a certain direction (DC jack is broken or loose).
  • The laptop only runs on battery power (no power is getting through the DC jack).
  • The laptop gets no power at all.
  • The laptop will not charge the battery.
  • The laptop switches from AC power to battery power intermittently due to a loose or broken power jack.
  • The laptop suddenly shuts off.
  • The DC jack may feel loose.
  • parks come out of the back of the laptop when you insert the power plug into the DC jack.

  • How some repair centers handle DC jack repair:

    Most service centers don’t want to deal with this problem by attempting to repair the DC jack. Many, including the large nationwide stores and the laptop’s manufacturer, will either tell you the machine is not repairable or that they will need to replace the motherboard. These quotes usually run from $250 to as much as $800. They choose to ignore the fact that a broken DC power jack can be repaired without a motherboard replacement because they are not equipped with the tools or training to do DC power jack repair on your laptop.

    How a DC jack breaks:
  • The HP Smart Adapter jack on most models of laptops do not have enough reinforcement within the structure of the casing and motherboard to handle the stress caused by movement of the power plug.
  • Some DC jacks simply fail under normal operation of your computer. After a year or two of usage, parts just come loose on certain models.
  • Sometimes the laptop gets dropped and the plug jerks the DC jack loose.
  • People, pets and vacuum cleaners trip over laptop power cords and break the DC power jack.
  • The laptop is moved around a lot. After the DC jack is moved back and forth enough times, it comes loose.
  • In some cases the DC jack was not soldered onto the motherboard well by the manufacturer.
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