Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Disconnect Laptop Charger From Socket After Work

Different users have different using habits when they use laptop for working and study so that the laptop system and Li-ion battery will perform differently from each other in many aspects. After completing work on the laptop, many people have not unplugged the AC adapter from the motherland computer to provide it a good rest to cool down and save power energy, that is not good for the power adapter to have a long span and at the same time, actually, the radiation of the charging adapter is also very powerful if not disconnected.

After shut down, the whole computer device will have a full rest without getting any power energy from external resources and there is less radiation will be released to harm our health. As a matter of fact, the lithium-ion batteries won’t be charged after being full even though the power supply is connected with it. Of course, if the battery is not full, the charger will supply power energy to the battery after full.

Why the plug and pin are of high work temperature even if the laptop computer is off?

It is truth that when the laptop is shut down, the adapter is also working. Of course, the mains supply won’t reach other laptop accessories rather than the adapter itself. The self-charging has occurred to the adapter as long as the socket is connected with the plug pins. If possible, users had better disconnect HP P/N 609939-001 smart ac adapter and cool it down to maintain the whole charger in good performance to get longer lifespan.

The dangerous influence from laptop AC adapter in radiation.

As it is known to all, radiation is harmful to our health while that of HP P/N 609939-001 smart ac adapter is powerful enough if users haven’t unplugged the charger when sleeping every day. Of course, it will also waste electric charge to some extent. If the battery happens to be deep discharge, users can leave some power energy inside and then disconnect it from outlet. It is unnecessary to fully charge the batteries every time.