Thursday, July 18, 2013

What To Do When You Own A Non-Working AC Adapter

The ac adapter is an essential part of a laptop. When used improperly by us, it is very easy to be out of working. But don’t throw it at once and Don’t be in panic. Here are some tips for the non-working laptop charger. Like my Acer Aspire One ZA3 AC Adapter, I have mended it for several times when there are some flaws affecting the normal working. The sooner we fix it, the less we lost. So please take a deep look at the potential reasons of a non-working laptop AC adapter.
Firstly, You have to make sure you are using the right laptop AC adapter for your computer. This sounds stupid for some laptop users. But there are some users having this by mistake. Though it seems that this is harmless, it does affect the battery. Make sure you have the exact laptop ac adapter. Don‘t take HP 463957-001 AC Adapter for HP 412786-001 AC Adapter. It doesn't match.
Secondly, The laptop battery wears out from the excessive use. When you plug in, the adapter don't charge or charge slowly due to the bad laptop battery. In this case, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the charger itself.
Thirdly, The wiggled wire might lead to a non-working laptop AC adapter such as Presario NC6230 AC Adapter and ThinkPad X40 AC Adapter . Sometimes we left the laptop AC adapter rampantly somewhere. After several times, the cable inside that got broken keep it from transmitting power. This will ruin the efficiency of the charger in no time.
Any of the possibilities may lead to a non-working laptop AC adapter as well as your laptop. It’s hard to tell the exact cause. For most laptop users, they couldn't solve it. Instead, the repair house is a better choice to save your laptop AC adapter. Depending on your budget, you can get a new one or repair it. It’s troublesome to have a laptop AC adapter stop working. This will interrupt our regular work and recreation that we undertake on the laptop.
Now, we know what to do when our ac adapter is out of working. Just attempt to find out the real issue and find out the solution to solving it.

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