Thursday, July 4, 2013

Use Laptop AC adapter Efficiently

Many people use laptop day and and night, and it becomes an neccessity for human beings. For them, and since laptop charger is also a must for a laptop to work, no chagrer, no work. And we know electronic products at some degree are easy to be broken, so we should take care of our chargers and batteries, and also use them efficiently.
Some tips as the following will tell us how to use laptop charger well, and below take my hp mini 110 adapter as an example.

  • Keep water away from the adapter. As we know, the laptop AC adapter is small and it can be taken with the user very easily. But the structure in the inside of it is very dedicated and compact. If it is fallen into water or flooded in water, that will get into the inside of it and the adapter may not work as usual because the inside part is damaged and the electricity can’t be connected to the laptop well. Sometimes the AC adapter will get shut off suddenly. So please keep the laptop AC adapter far away from water.
  • Keep it cool. Many people pay a lot attention to the heat of their laptop and usually take many measures to keep the heat elimination good. But there are few people to take good care of that of their AC adapter. In fact, laptop AC adapter get hotter as the laptop is used. If the heat elimination is not good, the laptop AC adapter is damaged easily. So remember not to put the laptop AC adapter on the cotton or some other things where the heat elimination is not good.To avoid overheating the AC adapter when powering the computer or charging the battery, use the AC adapter in a ventilated area, such as on a desktop or on the floor. Do not use the AC adapter in a poorly ventilated environment, such as inside a carrying case.
  • Do not charge and discharge it often. The cord and the power suplier will be seperated and very loose.
  • Know the part number. If you by accident destroy your adopter, know the number which is printed at the adapter box and quite esay to find. Then you can get a replacement efficiently. And check the reviews and the stars represent by the customers.
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