Monday, July 8, 2013

Why Is HP ED494AA Laptop AC Adapter makeing Noises?

Laptop AC adapters, while generally very quiet, do emit a small amount of noise. Generally, this noise is within the parameters of the adapter’s normal operation, but variance of the sound or new noises may indicate a malfunction.

  • Normal Operation

  • A high-frequency sound from the AC adapter like HP ED494AA is normal. The sound may often be too high-pitched or too quiet to hear, though it may increase in volume after long periods of connection. And If the output of an adapter exceeds 120 Watt,there would be a built-in fan for the adapter to cool down the main box. In some cases,the fan maybe annoying but it's really useful for people to get rid of fire hazard.

  • Warning Sounds

  • Some adapters come equipped with an internal sound, often a consistent beeping, to warn the user of incorrect operation. Adapters acting in this way may not supply power correctly to the laptop, and should be replaced.

  • Other Sounds

  • While some noise is normal, a sudden change in the consistency or type of noise may be indicative of a problem. A snapping sound, for instance, can accompany an electrical problem. HP ed494aa Adapter displaying abnormal noises should be repaired or replaced, as damaged adapters pose a risk of electrical shock.

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